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    What kind of fish sauce healthy
    The choice of fish sauce depends on many factors, but the core issues in the selection of fish sauce is a delicious protein in fish sauce

    All the manufacturers of fish sauce made from salted fish chuop now must apply the standard TCVN 5107:2003 (replacing TCVN TCVN 5107:93 and 5526:91) by the Technical Standards Committee under the Ministry of Science & Technology issued. This standard establishes the criteria for chemical composition of nitrogen content, amino acid nitrogen, concentration of salt ... and biological indicators such as total number of microorganisms more curious, the communication Coliform bacteria, Ecoli, CI.perfringens, S.aureus, yeast total spores, mold ... in 1ml maximum allowed. In particular, protein content is one factor to classify fish sauce by depending on each individual component materials and the fish sauce quality and protein content vary.

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    Fish sauce are classified as standard: one type of fish sauce 15grN, 20grN premium category, fish sauce special 25grN (numbers 15, 20, 25 is the concentration of protein, N protein is niteur that is). Thus, fish sauce is rated high or low content of protein in fish sauce.
    Currently people have produced the kind of fish sauce 60 protein by the method of vacuum distillation of the volatile conditions. Vacuum distillation method of fish sauce is made less volatile substances in the fish sauce. Less salt in fish sauce (about 22gr salt per liter) should sweetness stronger taste than the fish sauce, lighter flavor than regular fish sauce.
    According to the results of quality control of the Service Center and Analysis Laboratory (Department of Science - Technology City. HCM) said the fish sauce is 60 degrees to 20 amino acid protein (fish sauce usually only 13 category). In addition to the goals of high protein, fish sauce also contains vitamin B and B12. 100ml in a high protein level 1-5 micrograms Vitamin B12 (body only a Vitamin B12 micrograms per day). Because salt in fish sauce low protein 60 degrees (about 20gr salt per liter) should sweetness of stronger taste than the fish sauce, fish sauce usually lighter flavor.
    So, with the selection of 60 protein fish sauce, consumers complete peace of mind about the quality and hygiene issues, food safety

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