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    vegetarian fish sauce
    Many people still call the familiar sauce used in vegetarian fish sauce is vegetarian. Which is true only! By not even vegetarian fish sauce fish sauce fish for mixing but still taste the sauce.

    Take each dish, vegetarian fish sauce by blending is no less diverse fish sauce for salty dishes. To do so the flavor of fish sauce in vegetarian fish sauce popular in two ways: one by gu gu in central and south. Below refer to how the two vegetarian food experts Version Nguyen Thi and Nguyen Thi Loan.
    Custard salad and vegetarian fish sauce

    Gu Central, by way of her version of what you used to add enough salt to about two weeks. Then squeezed water, filtered again, bring to boil then lower the fire to cook and picked very clean Riu olive foam to fish sauce and taste for correct salinity for fish sauce used as a background. By gu South, the Loan, the use of her left things (overturning beads) to make fish sauce. The left were incubated with granular salt for about two weeks out of water. Cook thoroughly with filtered water, salt to taste again with the fish sauce. Incubated with fish sauce taste like you have more hard enough fish sauce with fish sauce but left the following two ways on the flavors are quite similar to fish sauce made from fish.

    Quang Tam

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