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    Double that of fish sauce
    Fish sauce is a food made from quality stainless water from salted fish or shrimp is long. It was used widely in the cuisine of Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand to add salt to your food. In addition to use as a spice, in the Southeast Asian fish sauce is also used as a map point for food like fish, shrimp, pork, chicken, etc.

    Of fish sauce
    Fish sauce can be made from fish, dried fish; or from both types of shellfish, shrimp and crab. Some types of fish sauce made from whole fish, others only from more or organs of fish. Some types of fish sauce and salt only, others may have more herbs and spices. Short-term fermented fish sauce odor characteristics of blades. Fermentation long blades will reduce odor and taste to create flavor and fat than nuts.
    Asian fish sauce
    Asian fish sauce are often processed from anchovies, salt, and water, and should be consumed as it is of the very strong position. Thai fish sauce is very similar to Vietnam and sauce called nam pla (น้ำปลา). In China, it is called fishing road (鱼露, yulu), in Korea yeotgal (엿갈), kecap ikan in Indonesia and patis in the Philippines. In Japan, three types of sauce is used; shottsuru in the province of Akita, Ishikawa ishiru in the province and the province of joyu ikanago-Kagawa.

    Soybean seed fish sauce called trasi in Indonesia, in Cambodia prahok (dropped out) and fish were often used for steam bending before cured. Malays also bear local fish called belacan.

    Laos is known as padek sauce, is made from freshwater fish.

    There is a fish sauce also been common in Roman times, Latin called garum or liquamen, and also exist in a variety of sauces as oxygarum (mixed with vinegar), meligarum (mixed with honey), etc. Fish sauce is one of the specialties in the Hispania Baetica.

    In English, it is called fish sauce. Worcestershire sauce in the UK is a similar product, this sauce was brought from India to England. Nowadays, people use personal space to garum, but not fermented.

    Vietnam fish sauce
    Fungus sauce, fish sauce, taste sauce, shrimp sauce ...

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