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    Fish sauce smells slightly preferred
    Consumers now tend to choose the type of fish sauce odor less. "Fish sauce with bright colors, smells light and do not necessarily have high protein content is required by consumers in foreign countries.
    The country, people have started toward fish sauce smells lighter. Ms. Hoang factors such as (Department of Science and Technology City): "On my hand is not a bottle of wine ... but a bottle of fish sauce. The shape of the bottle is protected by the law of design Industry. According to experts, the fish sauce containing 13 amino acid, vitamin B, about 1-5 micrograms of vitamin B-12 (body only 1 micrograms / day). Some fish sauce production establishments still have a habit of using water color (caramel), sugar malt to make fish sauce-colored wing cockroaches and pleasant sweetness. However, this method will make the sauce dark color during storage. TB fish sauce seafood has overcome the phenomenon of popular traditional colors of the fish sauce, fish sauce for a yellow light, mild flavor should have the advantage of export.

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