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    How to use fish sauce?
    Some ways to help good food and added more. You can do a good food, unique with a few small tips that not everyone knows.

    How 1.Dung fish sauce?

    In addition to stimulating appetite, fish sauce is spicy sauce containing high bo.Nuoc formed due to decomposition of the long protein into individual amino acids form protein. At present the market with a variety of mam.Loai produced by traditional methods often have low protein level, about 30 of protein
    Fish sauce produced by the method of her legs do not usually have high protein, 35-60 of protein and can be made from fish sauce dam.Nuoc low heat in sauce is a low pressure conditions, water evaporates at low temperatures, about 50 toxic, should preserve the flavor and increase protein. When used, you should eat to live, not used for cooking.

    Depending on food that people blending with the sauce of dark, light nhau.Do other, you just use fish sauce about 25 of protein for mixing sauces ensure water ngon.Su aromatic sauce Cooking should avoid long module. When you cook soup, you should immediately north of the taste of fish sauce. If you long to boil on the stove, take soup and sour delicious

    2. What is sauce dishes

    Definitely sour fish sauce to eat with health, sometimes for little lemon, chilli, if using anything other sauces are also hong.Banh rolls, spring rolls, rice pancake, rice plates to eat with tomato sauce mix sweet. Fish sauce corn, tomato sauce, water, fish sauce fragrant with the view that a debt coast marine fish, squid, real estate because it increases the flavor of seafood Left and comfortable. Fish dishes are different, each individual has a different type of fish sauce, then baked with late nhau.Ca fish sauce, ginger, fish syrup should eat mango with fish sauce or fish sauce me the special dishes of eel ...

    Many good food or bad, is determined by water quality cup of Vietnamese food mam.Cai soul is to taste the mam.Nau with fish sauce, fish stock with fish sauce marinated meat, fried, fried, grilled, boiled ... with any food that also has fish sauce. Fish sauce has been absorbed into the blood vessels of each baby from childhood to adulthood poetry, it was formed and profound effect on the taste of each nguoi.Cho even go anywhere they are unforgettable flavor stronger taste delicate fish sauce in the cup home. That is part of the country, people are home in the taste memories can fade in our human Vietnamese. /.

    3. How crispy fried pork skin fish sauce:

    Fried pork rolls were people love fish sauce cuisine like crispy skin due back rum and aromatic smell of fried mam.Nhung infamous fall prone skin rolls of professional experience heo.Theo called fried but actually use a sharing oil law gutter overcome weaknesses nay.Gio pork marinated fish sauce is delicious over steamed first and then the medium ripe. Boil rice boiling oil and then use oil to gutter rolls heocho to gold at both the skin will be crispy outside but inside the flesh is soft, not dry. Processed in this way also has advantages that are not on the rolls submerged in oil.

    4. To select good fish sauce

    Check the color of fish sauce can totally see with the naked eye and through the bottle.
    If fish sauce in color from yellow - yellow straw - wing during indirect, can be assured using
    . If the bottle of fish sauce with dark blue or black, then beware.
    Want to check the real color of the standard bottle of fish sauce, so to face the light bottle. Shake bottle strength, and then slope back to face the light source, but if you see a floating stuff, that is showing signs of precipitation. Substances precipitated by this we might naturally emanate from the bones of fish in each sea area of raw materials, seasonal .. or error in processing. If so just use thick cotton towels strategies again - still in Salted, no flavor is comfortable to use. Done does not eliminate some of the size was not much more additives in the processing

    5 Flavor
    Delicious fish sauce, will be opening a cork odor characteristics, climate mild sweetness down throat
    Miss the sweetness of this dish absorption ê adhered to take root ... This is a delicious fish sauce, fish sauce reaches 20 miles or more must have the above factors. When you taste if you find the sauce is intensely salty, dry tongue at the top of the fish sauce that has less protein level

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