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    Buy the delicious secret sauce
    If the sauce is yellow, you can rest assured. If the solution in the bottle is colored blue must be careful, because it is not an toan.Nuoc delicious sauce to ensure the requirements of three elements, including protein level, color and flavor.


    See label in bottles of fish sauce, total protein level is always the most visible indicators. Protein in the fish sauce of protein decay (NH3), amines (good protein) and less protein degradation (protit crude). Rate of amino / total protein exceeded 30% of new fish sauce is delicious.

    If the number of amino / total protein less than 30% of the total protein is high, the manufacturer may use only nitrogenous fertilizer to increase this number, very dangerous.

    If labels do not specify amino indicators should not buy because of the regulations on labeling of goods, required indicators. Manufacturers of non-compliance violations and acts of fraud


    If you see fish sauce color is yellow, straw yellow or indirect through the wing you can rest assured. But if the bottle of fish sauce is blue, so beware.

    Want to check the real color of the standard bottle of fish sauce, so to face the light bottle. Strong shaking bottles, and then slope back to face the light source, if that is the very large capital falling from the bottom of the bottle that is showing signs of precipitation, absolutely not. The substance can be precipitated as salts and some other additives be added during the packing.


    Fish sauce is delicious when opening cork will fragrant mild, sweet, dust. Try, if that is salty fish sauce that has less protein level. If you find you chat at the top of the tongue, certainly not good additive. If you see a specific odor, sweet dark, calm down the throat, make sure this is a fish sauce of good protein. Fish sauce is 15 degrees or more proteins required on the factors.

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