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    How to use fish sauce?
    Some ways to help good food and added more. You can do a good food, unique with a few small tips that not everyone knows.
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    Fish sauce smells slightly preferred
    Consumers now tend to choose the type of fish sauce odor less. "Fish sauce with bright colors, smells light and do not necessarily have high protein content is required by consumers in foreign countries.
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    Buy the delicious secret sauce
    If the sauce is yellow, you can rest assured. If the solution in the bottle is colored blue must be careful, because it is not an toan.Nuoc delicious sauce to ensure the requirements of three elements, including protein level, color and flavor.
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    Double that of fish sauce
    Fish sauce is a food made from quality stainless water from salted fish or shrimp is long. It was used widely in the cuisine of Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand to add salt to your food. In addition to use as a spice, in the Southeast Asian fish sauce is also used as a map point for food like fish, shrimp, pork, chicken, etc.
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    vegetarian fish sauce
    Many people still call the familiar sauce used in vegetarian fish sauce is vegetarian. Which is true only! By not even vegetarian fish sauce fish sauce fish for mixing but still taste the sauce.
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